Immigrant and Refugee Services

Helping new Americans in their journey to become active, productive participants in their new country is the goal of the experienced, compassionate professional staff of the Immigrant and Refugee Services Department of  Jewish Family Services of Middlesex County

Jewish Family Services provides immigration services to assist immigrants and refugees. Jewish Family Services is government-certified to advocate on behalf of immigrants in matters brought before the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Ongoing services include:

  • Assistance with all immigrant applications
  • Representation at United States Citizenship & Integration Services (USCIS)
  • Legal Advocacy and access to social services
  • English as a second language (ESL) and Citizenship classes
  • Refugee Resettlement Services
  • Immigration/citizenship information workshops
  • Refugee employment services

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Jewish Family Services continues to assist senior refugees in applying for green cards, naturalization and eligible benefits. Case management, advocacy and referral services are also provided on an individual basis.

Watch YouTube videos to learn how to apply for U.S. Citizenship:


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